MATRIMONIAL ATTORNEY LISA CUKIER on Succeeding Through Mid-Life and Late Life Divorce

Impact Makers Radio

Jun 24 2024 • 56 mins

In this episode, Stewart Andrew Alexander talks with matrimonial attorney Lisa Cukier, partner at Rubin and Rudman in Boston, Massachusetts, about succeeding through midlife and late-life divorce.

Lisa Cukier is a seasoned legal professional who has made a name for herself as a tactical, strategic, and passionate attorney in family law. She specializes in handling complex trust and estate litigation, family law matters, and family business disputes, even tackling cases impacted by diminishing capacity.

During the interview, Lisa covers the unique challenges individuals face when going through a divorce later in life. She discusses the emotional, financial, and logistical hurdles that come with midlife and late-life divorces, such as the deep sense of missed expectation, the impact on adult children and grandchildren, and the importance of having the right team of professionals to navigate the process effectively.

Lisa emphasizes the need for pre-divorce planning and using tools like prenuptial and postnuptial agreements to create a more orderly and predictable divorce process. She also highlights the stigma surrounding older-age divorces and how individuals can overcome these societal perceptions by communicating openly with their families and focusing on a graceful, sophisticated approach to divorce proceedings.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone during or on the cusp of a midlife or late-life divorce or for those who want to gain valuable insights into this unique and often overlooked aspect of divorce. Lisa's expertise and compassionate approach provide a roadmap for individuals to succeed through this challenging life transition and achieve financial security and emotional well-being.

Listeners can contact Lisa Cukier at,, or by phone at +1(617) 9669-582. She can consult on divorces in Massachusetts and provide remote guidance for individuals in other jurisdictions.

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