DR. VIRGINIA COLIN - Colin Family Mediation Group LLC, Springfield, VA On Minimizing Family Damage During Divorce

Impact Makers Radio

Feb 20 2019 • 42 mins

Dr. Virginia Colin, Family Mediator was a recent spotlight guest on the Impact Makers Radio Show, “Let's Talk Divorce” series where she spoke about the topic of, “Minimizing Family Damage During Divorce.”

During her interview, Colin, owner of Colin Family Mediation Group LLC in Springfield, VA also described some of the myths, misconceptions, and hidden fears that people considering divorce need to be aware of when looking for a professional to help solve their problems.

Colin, prior to her interview with Radio Talk Show Host, Stewart Andrew Alexander, “Divorce can be scary and emotionally draining, especially if you believe that litigating the matter in court is the only way. Many divorces do not need to be worked out in court. Through divorce mediation, we help families avoid large amounts of emotional and financial damage.”

To learn more about Dr. Virginia L. Colin visit: http://ColinFamilyMediationGroup.com

To listen to the full episode on Impact Makers Radio go to: https://ImpactMakersRadio.com/Virginia-Colin

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