The Ride Home - Friday, June 9, 2023

The Ride Home with John and Kathy

Jun 9 2023 • 1 hr 54 mins

The Ride Home with John & Kathy! Buckle in for a Friday full! With..

Gardening (Ticks and Lyme disease (Doug got it this week) ... + ... How to avoid ticks, what to do if you’re bitten, importance of quick diagnosis ... + ... it's all about watering ... + ... Not too late to get the garden in, in fact, best time for tomatoes, peppers and beans to be planted ... + ... Start to look for garden bargains ... + ... Another huge year for gardening at nurseries, the trend continues after Covid) ... GUEST Doug Oster ... Editor of Gardening with Doug at

Counterfeit Birds: The Disappointments of Birdwatching at the Movies ... GUEST Kevin Burrell ... is a pastor and an orni-theologist — a word penned by the theologian & birder John Stott ... Kevin is convinced that every one of us should make an effort to attend toward some aspect of God's creation; and he has chosen birds

Plus This or That, The Week in Review and More! It's all here on The Ride Home with John & Kathy. Have a great weekend!

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