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Jay and Adam (from the hit YouTube Reaction Channel ”pReview’d”) take some of the classic flops from pop culture and they, well, FIX IT! Through bits and riffs the boys present alternate versions and takes on some of those movies, shows, and comics that you wish were just a little (or a lot) better. read less

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Fix It! with Adam and Jay is a comedy and media revision podcast. On the show pReview’d, Adam and Jay discuss movies and other media that were unsuccessful. They do more than review and make fun of these pieces. On this show, listeners hear an alternate version that would be an improvement. The podcast examines movies that left viewers wishing for a better execution. Adam and Jay discuss what didn’t work and what they would change to make them work.

Adam and Jay are comedians and YouTubers known for their review channel. They both perform standup comedy and have a lifelong love of all things nerdy. On their YouTube channel, they discuss movies and trailers. They also stream video games and movie marathons. Jay’s primary focus is streaming and stand-up comedy. Adam has worked in TV production, writing, and web series. Together, the podcast cohosts give legendary failures hilarious rewrites.

Most of the movies and shows on this podcast come from sci-fi, fantasy, and comic books. The franchises Adam and Jay discuss have dedicated fandoms. They’ve reviewed Marvel and DC productions, as well as video game adaptations. The show has also featured Star Wars properties and beloved, if flawed, classics. Adam and Jay have a fun dynamic as cohosts, exchanging lighthearted film critiques. Before they give each story a rewrite, they walk listeners through their issues with it. They summarize the plot, critiquing it along the way. Then, they imagine what a successful execution might be like.

The podcast has examined divisive films like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Adam and Jay have also looked at some of the worst-received adaptations like Elektra and Catwoman. They’ve even discussed the bizarre adaptation of everyone’s favorite Italian plumber in Super Mario Bros. The show is a great choice for disappointed fans of major franchises. Every episode builds on the potential of failed movie adaptations. New episodes of Fix It! with Adam and Jay are available for streaming every Friday.

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