923: She's Losing Sleep Over a Dangerous Creep | Feedback Friday

The Jordan Harbinger Show

Nov 17 2023 • 1 hr 20 mins

A stalker who suffers from schizophrenia has your neighbor in fear for her life, and law enforcement can't do much about it. Welcome to Feedback Friday!

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On This Week's Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • A stalker who suffers from schizophrenia has your neighbor in constant fear for her life, and law enforcement can't (or won't) do much about it. How can you help her stay safe?
  • After enduring multiple incidents of wildly inappropriate commentary and behavior from faculty members and students over the past few years, you made the heart-wrenching decision to resign from your teaching position. In retrospect, you're wondering: were you forced out, or did you overreact? Do you have legal recourse? [Thanks to school district in-house counsel Neil Rombardo for helping us with this one!]
  • Your manipulative ex-wife made the weird choice to move in with the next-door neighbor after an acrimonious split, and it's really cramped the style of your new, otherwise healthy relationship. What gives, and what can you do to alleviate this awkwardly hostile situation?
  • As a high-achieving people-pleaser, you're looking for a boss who won't squeeze you for maximum work at minimum pay. Your search has attracted the attention of "coaches" who promise to help you secure better employment, but how can you separate the straight shooters from the shysters?
  • With so many podcasts, books, and other sources of information easily available these days, how do we sort through it all without getting overwhelmed?
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