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Compassion, privilege and working in your pajama pants - with Dr. Frieda Wiley
Nov 29 2022
Compassion, privilege and working in your pajama pants - with Dr. Frieda Wiley
Working from home wasn’t always as prevalent as it is now. Today, I’m joined by Dr. Frieda Wiley and we discuss the ins and outs of working outside of a traditional office. Whether you’re a work-from-home veteran or you’re new to the experience, this episode has something to help you thrive and, hopefully, feel understood. Dr. Frieda is a licensed pharmacist-turned-freelance medical writer, consultant, and entrepreneur who has worked from home for more than a decade. Her personal struggles with physical and mental health inspired her to also become the author of her book Telecommuting Psychosis: From Surviving to Thriving While Working in Your Pajama Pants. Her writing can also be found in publications such as O, The Oprah Magazine, US News & World Report, Merck, and the National Institutes of Health. In this episode, we discuss: What it was like working from home before it was popular Finding routine as a work from home employeeSetting clear boundaries and being an advocate for yourselfThe beauty of compassion in work from home situationsDeveloping strategies to showcase your work when you’re not in the office If you enjoy our conversation, please subscribe, rate & review the podcast wherever you listen. And subscribe to the Looks Like Work newsletter for more updates! Links: Visit Dr. Frieda’s WebsiteOrder Dr. Frieda’s Book Telecommuting PsychosisFollow Dr. Frieda on LinkedIn Try Dr. Frieda’s Favorite Planning App, Toggl