Building & Maintaining the CEO Mindset - with Christina Langdon

Looks Like Work

Nov 22 2022 • 49 mins

We’ve all heard phrases like “change your mindset, change your life,” but if you’ve tried it you know it’s easier said than done. Today, I’m joined by Christina Langdon, Founder & CEO of Christina Langdon High Performance Coaching & Consulting. Together, we discuss the power of changing your mindset, and Christina shares some of her favorite best practices.

Christina is a passionate entrepreneur, mentor, and coach. After 30 years running sales and marketing teams at big-name media brands including Martha Stewart Living and Fast Company, she now helps leaders and businesses achieve more than they thought possible. She is known for building great brands and strengthening and sharpening teams and talent.

In this conversation, we explore–

  • The unsustainable nature of the hustle
  • Leading yourself first
  • Getting off the hamster wheel
  • The importance of being in touch with your feelings (preferably before you get sick)
  • Noticing where we’re giving away our power
  • The meditative power of a simple walk

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