Making up your mind - with Eliza Erskine

Looks Like Work

Aug 30 2022 • 54 mins

What do you do when you know what you want to do? This week I’m talking to sustainability consultant and founder Eliza Erskine about what work looks like for her.

Eliza Erskine is the founder of Green Buoy Consulting, a sustainability consultancy that provides ESG consulting, strategy and B Corp certification to high-growth companies. In this conversation, we talk about sustainability in all levels of our careers, businesses and lives. Together we explore–

  • What ESG is & why it matters
  • How Eliza got into corporate responsibility (even when no one else cared about sustainability)
  • The purpose of company values & how to implement them
  • Seasonality vs now-or-never thinking
  • Romanticizing “the one thing” in your work
  • Tips for managing your email inbox sustainably

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