Manifesting authenticity - with Anna Przybylski

Looks Like Work

Nov 8 2022 • 48 mins

Manifesting isn’t always a magical, stylish experience. Sometimes, it’s as simple as showing up as your authentic self and screaming into the void in your bathrobe.

Today, I’m joined by TikTok and Instagram favorite, Anna Przybylski. She is a well-loved content creator who helps people be kinder to themselves, deal with burnout, and be the directors of chaos in their lives.

Join in to hear us discuss:

  • Managing guilt around productivity and delegation
  • Emotional barriers as a generational concern when considering posting content
  • Holidays and the stress (and sometimes tears) they bring for many
  • Turning sad and tired into a niche
  • Normalizing a variety of feelings and letting them all be felt
  • Burnout and accepting that you can’t force it to be over

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