START OVER - THRIVING FROM SCRATCH - PT 1 - with Fisayo Gracie, Abiodun

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Oct 8 2023 • 51 mins

In this episode, I am speaking with my friend Fisayo, who left a thriving business, to acquire an MBA in a different continent, and she shares her journey and the different things she believes anyone who would start over must know, do, or consider. Also, she speaks briefly about receiving scholarship offers at the beginning of her journey. A more elaborate video about that process has been attached below, for anyone who is interested in exploring that route as their path to starting over.

Everyone alive has had to start something new at one point or the other. Whether it's a new day or a new job, a new business, education, relationship, or starting over in a new environment or even in a new economy with new rules, and new laws, people, mindsets, beliefs, ideologies, and culture. Whichever one it is, either from a new day to a new life, they are all characterised by one similarity: the transition from a familiar to a not so familiar or a totally unfamiliar terrain.

And if we’ll introduce basic level human psychology to the idea of transitions, we will realise that any move from known to unknown, familiar to unfamiliar, certain to uncertain, or accustomed to unaccustomed, would often be greeted with the level of anxiety, curiosity, or fear.

And regardless of this reality, I believe it’ll be agreed that the state of mind of every human largely determines, first the effect of the change or transition, and then the result of the change or transition.

That said, “starting over” would never become a foregone ideology, as we would always have to start something new if we are alive. Why? That's the only way we confirm growth. With every change, transition or advancement comes an exposure to newness and difference. Disallowing ourselves from those advancements leave us stuck in the familiar or known places of comfort, invariably disallowing growth.

In this series, I'll be exploring the realities of this in conversations with my friends, who like me have had to explore starting over again.

I am committed to your success.


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