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69. Use This Biblical Strategy to Manage Your Behavior | John Ortberg
May 2 2024
69. Use This Biblical Strategy to Manage Your Behavior | John Ortberg
How to change a tree 🌳HERE'S HOW:Today, move beyond behavior modification to a higher perception of reality. Practice the steps below to help elevate your perspective.Pray, often and always. Invite God to bring your mind back to the reality of the Kingdom of God.Slow down, as you feel the pull towards anger, jealousy, or greed actively slow your body and breathing down to allow your mind to catch up.Trust in the Lord. Life will be difficult at times and it’s in those moments that your belief in God will make the difference in your actions.Become New is here to help you grow spiritually one day at a time.📧 Subscribe for daily emails with these videos and accompanying thoughts:🙏🏻 Need prayer? Text us at 855-888-0444, we would love to pray for you!🙌🏻  Interested in content for leaders? Subscribe to Become New for Leaders: sure to join our Facebook Group (link below) to continue the conversation and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel BecomeNew.Me and say hello 👋 in the comments. And make sure you tap the bell icon 🔔 to be notified when the next episode releases.CONNECT WITH US AT:😊 Facebook Group:🎙Podcast:🤳Instagram:📲 For daily alerts, text the word BECOME to the number 855-888-0444