Episode 454: Hit The Ground

On Target

Jan 23 2024 • 1 hr


A never-ending reservoir of 60s (and 60s-inspired) music is at Mod Marty's fingertips as he tirelessly—and some might say, relentlessly—discovers fresh, vibrant tracks for you. He throws them down and invites you to either hit the floor or just sit back and savor the tunes.


The playlist is:

"Ain't Nothing But A Groovy Party Baby"
The Original Gravity Allstars
- Original Gravity

"A New Day Begins"
The Parliaments
- Atco

"You'll Soon Be Gone"
The Precisions
- Stone

"Wow Wow Wee (He's The Boy For Me)"
The Angels
- Smash

"Hot Water"
The Kittens
- Don-El

"Every Night The Same Time"
Miss Johnny Richardson
- Sprout

"Bring Down The Birds"
Herbie Hancock

"Hit The Ground"
Terry Woodford
- Fame

"Shapes Of Things"
The Yardbirds
- Capitol

"I Got To Find Me Somebody"
The Vel-Vets
- 20th Century

"I've Got Something Good"
Sam & Kitty
- Grapevine

"You're Gonna Make Me Love You"
Sandi Sheldon
- Okeh

"That Ain't Right"
JJ Jackson
- Allied

"Do The Walk (The Temptation Walk)"
The Checkmates, Ltd.
- Capitol

"Get On Up Mama"
The Sensations
- Way Out

"Surfin' Boogaloo"
The Soul Set
- Johnson 737

"Somebody Stole My Thunder"
Georgie Fame

"Need You"
The Habits
- Decca

"Can't Get Enough Of You Baby"
? & The Mysterians
- Cameo

"Organised Drum Sax"
The Original Gravity Allstars
- Original Gravity