Out of the Nowhere Podcast

Mar 3 2022 • 25 mins

HEY YALL! Welcome back to another episode of out of the nowhere! In today's episode, it's just little old me talking about how I came to astrology, human design, numerology and the like and why you should at least consider giving them a look ... OR NOT! You're choice, I'm just sharing my experiences!

Game Changers:
- Winc Wine Delivery Subscription, here!

- Green Chef Meal Delivery, Here!

- Hello Fresh Meal Delivery, here!

If you're interested In learning about your charts:

My fave Birth Chart sites: Beginners, here (Cafe Astrology) & Intermediate/ My fave, here (Astro Seek)

* a few YouTubers that I love to hear their interpretations: AstroFinesse & Astro Kit

My fave Human Design Sites: Beginners, here (MyHumanDesign) and Advanced, here (Genetic Matrix)

*Can be a bit intimidating at first glance so YouTube can really help! Tan Astrology & Krystle really know what's up!

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