Surf Stories by Florida Surf Film Festival

Florida Surf Film Festival

In both Q and A and narrative format, we will hear stories from local surfers, filmmakers from around the world, and inspiring and/or charismatic folks who have a story to share. John Brooks and Kevin Miller will host in-person and Zoom-recorded chats.

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Country Club Surf with Joe Frizelle
Mar 31 2022
1 hr 14 mins
Country Club Surf with Joe Frizelle"Keep Up the _____ Work" with David Lee ScalesHeart and Stoke with Ben GravyThe History of the History with Matt WarshawPrivate Whale Parts with Lauren HillCoffee Talk with Taylor SteeleWavemaker with Tom LochtefeldWandering with Chris MiyashiroRisk Tolerance with Chris BurkardHail Mary with Balaram StackThe Whole Story with Albee Layer and Dan NorkunasReconnoiter with Ben GulliverLife After Hitting Lips with Keith MalloyLick the Red Frog with Scott BaloghBrand Building by Feel with Tyler CallawayDark Lord of Irish Surfing with Richie FitzgeraldIt's Tedious If You Hate It - Peter HamblinChicken Skin - Ira OpperAnatomy of a Failed Surfpark - Jamie MeiselmanREPORTS FROM HELL by Chas Smith - FSFF Book Line-up