About Authentically Becoming You!

Get Your Life Back With Cheryl Podcast

Feb 16 2021 • 13 mins

Yasss! The awaited Visual/Audio eBook "AUTHENTICALLY BECOMING YOU" is available to download and watch and/or listen to NOW! Living authentically as your true self is achievable and possible. Life is more peaceful and fulfilling when you realize that living your truth with authenticity and honestly. As I always state, life can be much more peaceful when you identify/understand who you are, whose you are and know your purpose. This eBook will prompt and challenge you to become more introspective about who you at the core, and any narrative you need to change that does not build you up. Your People Pleasing Days Are Over Baby! It's Time to Live As the Individual God Created You To Be! We tend to play a different role when we are with individuals that we want to please or want to make sure that they like us. On the other hand, we are our best selves when we are with people who love and appreciate us for who we truly are. Do you notice this behavior/act? LINK TO GET YOUR LIFE BACK ACADEMY is in my bio. Included: The "AUTHENTICALLY BECOMING YOU" WORKSHEETS ----------------------------------------------------------------- #authenticyou #liveinyourtruth #thegodinyou #empoweredyou #reviveusagain #beyou #beyourself #manifestation #letyourlightshine #godiscallingyou #authenticallyyou #lifepurposecoach #christianlifecoach #manofgod #womanofgod #selfdiscovery #trueidentity #clarityispower #becomingyou #identitycrisis #thenewyou