Machines made of words: Tech journalism from print to SEO to PR with Dylan Tweney

What We Talk About When We Talk About Tech

Apr 28 2021 • 40 mins

Jennifer Riggins (@jkriggins) and Rich Gall (@richggall) talk to the former Editor in Chief of VentureBeat, Dylan Tweney, about tech journalism and the role it plays in the industry.

Covering a history of tech journalism over the last two decades, from the days of print through to SEO- and social media-friendly content, this episode looks closely at how the way we cover and explore technology has changed. Dylan offers their thoughts on some of the limitations of the current digital media ecosystems, and explains the way global tech giants control narratives have dramatically shifted in just a matter of years.

Dylan also discusses moving from journalism to PR - their new role as EIC at tech PR agency Highwire means he is today helping companies to tell their own stories. They also talk about creative writing and his newsletter Tinywords, in which they send a Haiku to your inbox every weekday.