Impostor syndrome and the Dunning-Kruger effect in tech: The anxiety of curiosity with Jessica Rose

What We Talk About When We Talk About Tech

Jun 9 2021 • 54 mins

Jennifer Riggins (@jkriggins) and Rich Gall (@richggall) talk with Jessica  Rose, a DevRel at CodeSee and advocate for improving access to technical education and the tech industry, about burnout, impostor syndrome and the challenges of learning the skills needed to navigate a fast-paced and occasionally hostile industry.

Jessica talks about her role at CodeSee, a developer tool currently in its 'stealth' phase, and explains why its such an exciting  project to work on, and explains why she decided to take on the role as a job share. She also talks about some of the problems facing those seeking tech jobs, and why hiring processes in the industry can make life difficult for those from backgrounds that have typically been excluded from tech.

We also discuss impostor syndrome in the tech industry, and the broader challenges of deciding what to learn in a field that is demanding and sets many standards that can sometimes feel arbitrary or irrelevant. We look as well at the other end of the scale at the Dunning Kruger effect, and ask whether we need to focus more on the comfortable incompetents in the industry - who do we let fail? And who do we reward for failure?