Serving coding skill realness: How coding drag queen Anna Lytical teaches tech

What We Talk About When We Talk About Tech

Jun 16 2021 • 39 mins

Rich Gall (@richggall) and Jennifer Riggins (@jkriggins) talk with the "sickeningly entertaining" coding drag queen Anna Lytical about drag, software development, and the LGBTQ+ community in tech.

Anna discusses how they found their way into the tech industry and explains how they gradually discovered a way of bringing their love of software engineering, drag, and performing together. They also describe the journey from starting out making videos on YouTube, to building a huge audience of learners across many different platforms (including lots of love for TikTok).

The episode is both a look at how we talk about queer experiences in the software industry as well as an exploration of how we can find more creative, engaging and unique ways of helping people to understand technical topics and ideas. (You'll have to DM Jennifer if you want to find out why her math teacher made her class watch The Great Escape.)