What No One Tells You About Youth Probation


Jun 7 2022 • 38 mins

In this episode, I have the honor of interviewing Pete Feliciano. Pete graduated college with a degree in Law and Justice and a Master's degree in counseling. He recently retired from an extensive career working with hundreds of families in Thurston County Juvenile Court as a probation counselor for the last 32 years. Throughout those years, he has been a strong voice advocating for children and families in our community, and I am so grateful that he is on the show to provide us with some insight into the world of probation.

Highlights from this episode:

5:00    The biggest misconception about probation and probation counselors.

13:32  The Us versus Them mentality and the damage created by it.

15:51   What is probation, and what purpose does it serve?

18:44  What you can do today that will help your child's probation process.

22:47  One thing resilient families do that keeps them moving forward.

33:50  The one thing Petehope'ssyou'lll take away from this episode.


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