Into the Unknown: What to Expect-Siblings


Nov 23 2021 • 36 mins

Episode 5: What to expect: Siblings

Host: Angie Frey

Having a child in crisis affects the entire family. Amid chaos and emotions, it's easy to overlook other family members who may not be directly involved, particularly siblings. Whether we talk about it with them or not, our children are very aware of the changes in the family dynamic and that the stress of the situation impacts us. This episode discusses how we should talk to our children about their sibling's arrest or incarceration.  We also talk about the three things you should consider before having that conversation.


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Pathways to Hope Network is a non-profit organization that provides cost-free support and community to parents with youth facing criminal allegations. In Series 1, Into The Unknown, there will be six episodes. In each episode, we walk you through what to expect on this journey and provide you with resources and support.

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