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Welcome to all sober curious, addicts, alcoholics, survivors, family members, old timers and newcomers. We are recovering out loud to end the suffering in silence. Join our host Dora who walked away from drinking and drugging after 30 years and is on a mission to normalize conversations around addiction, mental health issues and alcoholism with the Soberoso™ Podcast. Each week Dora openly shares her own experiences or invites guests on the show who tell us about their lives before and after getting clean and sober with a conversational interview. You are not alone and we do recover!

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Relapse, Redemption, and Rikers Island
Nov 2 2023
Relapse, Redemption, and Rikers Island
In this compelling second part of Stevie's interview, we dive deeper into her difficult journey to sobriety. Her story takes an extraordinary turn as we learn how her friends became the lifeline she desperately needed, literally saving her life by putting her on a plane to San Antonio's International Convention on July 1st, 2010. As Stevie reflects, "They say we get by with a little help from our friends, my friends literally saved my life."This episode of the Soberoso Podcast goes beyond addiction and blackouts, touching down on the crucial topic of mental health and the stigmas that often surround it. Stevie openly shares the consequences of her last relapse, which led her to a dark place, landing her on Rikers Island among some of the world's toughest inmates, and battling thoughts of ending her own life.After enduring ten challenging months, Stevie's journey took a positive turn as she was transferred to Albion. Inside, she, along with a few other inmates, initiated a 12-step program that remarkably gained traction with over 100 women on a waitlist to join. Stevie's story is a testament to the progressive nature of recovery, and she shares the beauty in this ongoing transformation. Tune in to hear Stevie's inspiring journey through the darkest of times to a place of hope and healing in part 2/2 of the Soberoso Podcast episode #137 Relapse, Redemption, and Rikers Island You can follow Stevie on Instagram here @steviebaz and tag us to let us know you are listening using #soberosopodcast.Support the Show.Follow Soberoso on Tik TokSubscribe and help us grow on YOUTUBE