Breaking Generational Cycles and Beliefs

Soberoso "Sharing Our Passion For Recovery"

Nov 23 2021 • 56 mins

ep -84 Dora has a conversation with Author Justin B. Long who joins us from Florida to share his story of what life was like before and after getting sober.

Welcome to the SOBEROSO™ Podcast, a show dedicated to alcoholics, addicts, survivors of abuse, overcomers of great tragedies and those of us with mental health issues too. Each week we invite guests and listeners from around the world to listen in as we have casual conversations with regular people like you and me who have against all odds turned their lives around.

If you are a family member of someone suffering from alcoholism or addiction, a newcomer and old timer or Sober Curious, This show is for you!

Join us now on the Soberoso ™ Podcast with your host Dora Gosselin in “Sharing Our Passion For Recovery”

Like many of us Justin didn't think he had a problem with drinking, he thought it was his solution. He grew up in a home with two emotionally dysfunctional parents and had deep rooted beliefs that he was worthless and nobody cared about him.

What Are Adverse Childhood Experiences

Ultimately this led to becoming an alcoholic and looking for validation in the pants of any woman he could. "I used sex as an acceptance tool,” Justin tells us with brutal honesty.

Listen in to find out how it is that Justin now has thirteen plus years sober...

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