Episode 5: Balancing Concern for Others with Self-Care with Britt Dorazio

The Unbroken Place with Eddy Paul Thomas

Apr 15 2024 • 48 mins

In this conversation, Britt Dorazio discusses the meaning of empathy and its importance in her work. She explains how her background in musical theater influences her approach to teaching empathy through the arts. Britt also explores the role of trauma-informed mindfulness practices in facilitating empathy and understanding. She emphasizes the significance of somatic practices in cultivating self-empathy and recognizing the needs of the body.

Britt shares her experiences with integrating empathy into curriculum development and program delivery, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for diverse communities. She addresses misconceptions about empathy and offers strategies for individuals struggling to empathize with themselves. Finally, Britt shares a personal story that highlights the profound impact of empathy in her work.


  • Empathy means creating space to remain connected to each other's humanity.
  • Storytelling and the arts can be powerful tools for teaching empathy.
  • Trauma-informed mindfulness practices facilitate deeper understanding and empathy towards others' experiences.
  • Somatic practices help cultivate self-empathy and recognize the needs of the body.
  • Empathy-focused practices should be inclusive and accessible to diverse communities.
  • Empathy requires active participation and self-care.
  • Empathy is not about abandoning oneself, but about finding a balance between giving and receiving.
  • Empathy can be challenging to teach in a culture that prioritizes individual success over collective well-being.
  • Strategies for empathizing with oneself include investigating the origins of narratives and tending to the nervous system.
  • Misconceptions about empathy include the belief that one must abandon oneself to serve others.
  • Personal stories can have a profound impact on empathy.
  • Online offerings provide accessible opportunities for learning and practicing empathy.


00:00 Introduction and Definition of Empathy 01:11 Influence of Musical Theater on Teaching Empathy 07:48 Trauma-Informed Mindfulness Practices 10:48 Somatic Practices and Cultivating Self-Empathy 14:28 Empathy-Focused Practices with Awaken Pittsburgh 21:27 Integrative Community Therapy Model and Empathy 25:20 Challenges and Rewards of Teaching Empathy 32:23 Strategies for Empathizing with Oneself 35:39 Misconceptions about Empathy 38:26 Personal Story of Profound Empathy 44:26 Online Offerings and Conclusion


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