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Dive into the remote revolution with Remotely Serious, a thought-provoking (and sometimes funny) show where host Curtis Duggan explores the dynamics of remote work, the future of workplaces, lifestyle design, and the new dynamics of global freedom.

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Two conversations about remote work with Alli Pereira
Aug 27 2023
Two conversations about remote work with Alli Pereira
In this special double-header episode, we sit down not once but twice with remote work evangelist Alli Pereira. Alli shares her unique insights into the world of remote work, digging deep into the nuances, challenges, and surprising perks—like remote visas for dogs—that come with a location-independent lifestyle.Topics Covered:Remote Work: Alli breaks down how the traditional work model is evolving and why remote work isn't just a trend but an emerging norm.Remote Visas for Dogs: Ever wondered how to globe-trot with your furry friend? Alli discusses the new frontier in remote visas—yes, specifically designed for dogs.Brazil: A focus on how Brazil's remote work culture differs from other countries and how it's adapting to the new normal.Portugal: Lisbon, Cascais, and more.Portuguese-speaking Nations: How language and culture in Portuguese-speaking countries, from Mozambique to Brazil, influence the remote work scene.Running Remote: Alli shares her top tips for maintaining productivity, mental well-being, and a work-life balance while running a remote team or business.Bansko, Bulgaria: An under-the-radar haven for remote workers, Alli talks about why Bansko is a must-visit for any digital nomad.Like Red Dead Redemption, the first two Star Wars trilogies, and half of The Godfather Part II, the SECOND part you hear is the PREQUEL.Want to dive deeper? Read more about remote work on the Remotely Serious website.Check Out Curtis’ Stuff: Personal Site The Origin Rockwell Media