Have Low-Emissions Zones Found Their Way to the US? | Utilimarc Fleet FYIs

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Mar 12 2022 • 15 mins

If you remember a few episodes back, I was on again about low-emissions zones – what they were, how large they were, when they were implemented and why. We were also chatting about when, if ever, we would see them begin to pop up in the United States…well, have I got news for you! It’s happening now!

For a bit of a refresher, Low emission zones (LEZs) are designated areas covering populated city centers that restrict the use of heavy-polluting vehicles. These restrictions can be for certain vehicle types and can operate only during certain times or be a harsher ban of heavy polluters entirely. Vehicles that meet emission standards, like electric, hybrid or alternative fuel vehicles, can continue with free movement within the zone. However, vehicles that don’t meet the strict standards will be fined or penalized upon entry.

Why the fines, and what’s the point? Well, let’s jump right in.


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