CNG vs LNG: Which is the Best Solution? | Utilimarc Fleet FYIs

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Apr 8 2022 • 22 mins

Natural gas is the fastest growing fossil fuel of the past decade and is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to diesel and gasoline. Natural gas occurs naturally, deep below the Earth’s surface, due to the decomposition of plants and animals over millions of years. Over this time, the high pressure and heat change these materials into petroleum oil and natural gas. Varying methods of extraction and purification then turns these raw materials into different types of fuel with many common uses.

Like all fossil fuels, natural gases are unfortunately non-renewable, with supply estimated to run out in about 50 years. However, natural gas is far greener than its petroleum counterpart, making it a more favorable option in terms of environmental friendliness. Natural gas can be stored and used in different states, but each type burns cleanly and emits less than half the amount of greenhouse gases as regular oil or coal.


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