The Fashion Geek Podcast

Reg Ferguson

“The Fashion Geek” podcast is about the Men’s fashion industry and the entrepreneurs who help shape it. We discuss their brands and business along with topics and trends affecting the industry. We share our love of menswear: the clothing, the accessories, the style and the fashion. Learn why these people do what they do and maybe pick up a tip or two. Host Reg Ferguson (Fashion Geek #1) is the owner of New York Fashion Geek, a Men's fashion consultancy helping the everyday man improve their appearance and dress with confidence. He sounds just as good as he looks.

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Jan 10 2021
40 seconds
76: The Met Gala75: The Future of Off-White74: My Shoe Guy73: Swatch x Omega72: A Conversation With John Marks of The American Traditional71: New York City Fashion70: A Conversation With Rashad Johnson of Tact Besoke D.C. and Host of “Tailors Talk” About Bespoke Tailoring, HipHop and Dapper Dan.69: Grab Your Bags: A Conversation With James McLaughlin of 33 by Hand68: Sunflowerman Is The Go To Artist For Men’s Fashion.67: Ethan Wong Has Something To Say About Men’s Vintage Clothing And Los Angeles (And Maybe Not In That Order)66: A Tribute To Virgil Abloh65: Berkeley Breathes Has An Opinion About Ivy, Trad, Prep And Especially Rowing Blazers.64: Can Austin Roberson and Louis Geramita Lead Gen Z Into Classic Menswear?63: Dalyn Montgomery of Brohammas Talks About His Experiences at J. Press: Good And Bad.62: David Paletz of Elevee Custom Clothing Is Here To Tell Us If They Really Wear Suits In L.A.61: Ross Bennett of The Texas Tailor Will Neither Confirm Nor Deny If His Clients Wear Spurs On Their Boots While Wearing A Suit.60: Romain Vesaphong Is The Rolex Repairman.59: Marcel Ames of X of Pentacles Talks About Bespoke Fashion In The South.58: King Sean Royal Wears Nike Dunks With A Bat On The Side Where The Swoosh Should Be.57: Antoniella Apparel Knows A Little About Pocket Squares.