Becoming Ourselves - The Podcast

Juli Wenger

You're on this earth for a purpose. You want to live a life that matters. So lets cut thru the fear and the overwhelm and all the crap that gets in the way of you living the life you’re here for.This is the becoming ourselves podcast where we are fired up about you getting clear on who and whose you are, what you’re called to, and how to get there. Because the world is waiting for you to show up and own your power. I’m your host, Juli Wenger, a coach, speaker, author, Jesus lover, Enneagram 2, and tree-shaker. Lets dive in to what’s keeping you stuck cause on the other side is a life that is FIRED UP, FULLFILLED and FREE.

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This week our fellow enneagram teacher Marlie Heberling gives us an insider's perspective of life as an eight. She tells us about what it was like growing up in a world where anger and intensity aren't met with understanding and she shares how she has been able to harness her eight energy and do good with it. We talk about emotions, conflict, centers of intelligence, growth and the question on every non-eight's mind - "What is really behind the protective eight armor?"MEET MARLIE:Marlie Heberling has been studying the Enneagram for over 12 years. She began teaching enneagram classes six years ago during her time as a youth minister and has since led workshops at conferences, taught classes to multigenerational groups, and worked with individual couples and families. Marlie began The Fellowship9 Project in 2020 as a way to explore creating better connections through compassion. Fellowship9 is in the process of becoming an educational nonprofit that will offer Enneagram courses to schools, faith and nonprofit groups, and individuals with the mission of creating a more connected community. Since moving to Eugene, OR in 2018, Marlie has enjoyed experiencing life in a three-generational home and spending time with her parents, sister, niece, and nephew. She also enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest and all it has to offer! Fellowship9.orgIG: @fellowship9projectMENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:CONNECT WITH JULIInstagram | Clubhouse | Facebook: @juliwengerhttps://www.juliwenger.com/Book a Clarity CallSign up for FIRED-UP - the Newsletter
Mar 9 2022
53 mins
The Enneagram Type 7 with Anastasia SauvageThe Enneagram Type 6 with Marites Kliem
The Loyalist episode is finally here. This one is a little different as we welcome a client and dear friend to the stage. I've had the honour to be Marites's Enneagram teacher and her coach, and in the process witness some incredible type 6 transformation. In today's episode we're talking about planning and preparation, learning to trust yourself, stepping into your own power, and taking the reins back from the fear that is common to all head types. MEET MARITES:Marites Kliem - 'moving friends forward'.  Marites has been selling real estate since 2005 and has won several prestigious awards such as Top 100 of RE/MAX Western Canada (ranked #32), RE/MAX Platinum Club, and the Medallion Club (Top 10% of All Realtors in the Fraser Valley) over the course of her career. She's also a pastor's wife, a devoted Mom of 2 boys, and an adventurous foodie with a passion for music. Marites and her family love living in the Fraser Valley so they invest their time and resources into the Langley, Surrey, and Abbotsford communities through various non-profit organizations. Marites's clients have described her as caring, of high integrity, attentive to detail, genuine, fun, skilled, a trusted expert in her field and "the best Realtor ever." Website:  www.maritesrealty.comFB: https://www.facebook.com/MaritesRealty/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mariteskliem/CONNECT WITH JULIInstagram | Clubhouse | Facebook: @juliwengerhttps://www.juliwenger.com/Book a Clarity CallSign up for FIRED-UP - the Newsletter
Feb 23 2022
30 mins
The Enneagram Type 5 with Elizabeth Evans
Today we're chatting with Elizabeth Evans about arguably the most misunderstood enneagram type - the 5s. Our 5 friends love all things knowledge and facts which can make them often seem aloof and disengaged. In this episode, Elizabeth offers up her unique perspective that answers the question "what's actually going on in a 5's inner world?"  We cover so much more in this episode from the difficulties of 2021 and what being in a 7 state of stress might be like to the amazing advantages that being a 5 brings. MEET ELIZABETH:Your story is meaningful. Elizabeth helps make it impactful. Podcast producer and founder of Elizabeth Evans Co - Elizabeth is on a mission to create a fleet of compelling storytellers. Her 360 boutique podcast studio helps creatives strategically build their show from conception to launch. Her uniquely created podcast methodology has helped world-renowned artists, best-selling authors, award-winning musicians, and impactful influencers to create transformative podcasts full of timeless, quality conversations that empower listeners into extraordinary action.Being well-versed in the Enneagram herself, Elizabeth is a type 5 that previously deeply wrestled with a scarcity mindset that kept her wrapped up in her mind, but never actually taking action. She has a powerful story of how she flipped the script of her fear around, never feeling fully competent, and stepped into a mindset that led her to become a successful, female, business owner. She has learned how to use her perceptiveness to dive deeply and intimately with her clients to uncover the impactful nuances of their own stories. She believes that everyone's story is meaningful, but it takes skill to make it impactful- and that is her sweet spot. Living by the mantra of "sometimes what you are created for has not yet been created" Elizabeth turned down a job with the CIA, moved to Nashville, and opened a very successful podcasting agency. Elizabeth has so much respect for the insight and words the Enneagram has provided to see her investigative nature not as something faulty within her, but as her superpower to live a truly transformative life. Website: www.elizabethevans.comInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/elizabethevans.co/?hl=enMENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:The Narrative EnneagramCONNECT WITH JULIInstagram | Clubhouse | Facebook: @juliwengerhttps://www.juliwenger.com/Book a Clarity CallSign up for FIRED-UP - the Newsletter
Feb 16 2022
39 mins
The Enneagram Type 4 with Tricia Chinnici
Feb 9 2022
36 mins
The Enneagram Type 3 with Emily RayburnThe Enneagram Type 2 with Shirley Poitier
Jan 26 2022
48 mins
The Enneagram Type 1 with Tony YeomanThe Enneagram - A Foundation