March 29, 2021 - Positive Talk

Your Personal Hype Man with Aimee J.

Mar 29 2021 • 5 mins

Podcast Air Date: Monday, Mar. 29, 2021 Topic: Positive Talk Note from Aimee J.: You will do amazing today! Action: We don’t accept any negative talk in our life. Positive attracts positive. Negativity has never done anything worthy of focus. Even if you don’t feel it, I want you to keep being positive with your words and your actions. Soon you will believe it and soon it will begin to bring positivity into your life. The storms in your life will pass, you just have to keep holding on and believe (positively) that it will not only pass but that you will be okay afterwards. Affirmations: You are Awesome. You are Loved. You are Needed. And most importantly, YOU ARE ENOUGH. Resources & Links: https://yourpersonalhypeman.com/ (Your Personal Hype Man) ; https://aimeej21.com/hypemanskill (Alexa Skill: Your Personal Hype Man) ; https://aimeej21.com/yphm-itunes (Your Personal Hype Man on iTunes) https://aimeej21.com/subscribe (Chasing Dreams with Aimee J.) Let’s Connect: https://aimeej21.com/askaimee (Leave a Voicemail) ; E-mail Aimee J. ; https://instagram.com/aimeej21 (Aimee on Instagram) ; https://facebook.com/aimeej21 (Aimee on Facebook) ; https://twitter.com/aimeej21 (Aimee on Twitter) ; https://aimeej21.com/YouTube (Aimee on YouTube) ; https://linkedin.com/in/aimeej21 (Aimee on LinkedIn) ; https://aimeej21.com/tiktok (Aimee on TikTok) ; https://www.snapchat.com/add/theaimeej21 (Aimee on Snapchat) ; https://aimeej21.com/pinterest (Aimee on Pinterest) ; Remember: Don’t Stop, Keep Chasing! =)