The Off Ramp with Bob & Marcia Smith

Bob & Marcia Smith

The Off Ramp podcast. Fascinating facts & tantalizing trivia! Slow down, steer clear of crazy and take a side road to sanity with Bob & Marcia Smith. PHOTO by Christopher Michel.

135 Hundredth Episode Together Trivia134 Great Minds Trivia133 Tipping Point Trivia132 Spellbinding Trivia131 Random Access Trivia130 Off With Their Heads Trivia129 Spring Cleaning Trivia128 Haphazard Trivia127 Stimulating Trivia126 Random Path Trivia125 Butting Heads Trivia124 Blank Slate Trivia123 Mesmerizing Trivia122 Titillating Trivia121 Lively Trivia120 Smart Quiz Trivia119 Enticing Trivia118 Cool Headed Trivia117 New Beginnings Trivia116 Clear Headed Trivia