Break Your LIMITING Beliefs and Wipe Out YOUR Negative Thinking | Tom Bilyeu

Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

Feb 27 2023 • 20 mins

Limiting beliefs are the disempowering stories you tell yourself about why this is harder for you or that’s impossible for someone like you. Often they stem from childhood experiences and get carried into our adult years. The problem is when you hold onto these stories as if they were fact. Tom has spent years learning and trying out personal rules, beliefs and systems that have allowed him to become the ultra-successful entrepreneur he is today. If success is something you desire and becoming a better version of yourself is a priority, you have to address your limiting beliefs. While Tom doesn’t believe you have to seek out every single limiting belief to overcome it, you do need to get new beliefs and systems in place that will be more empowering than the narrative you’ve been listening to. Get your belief structure together and your behaviors will follow suit. SHOW NOTES: 0:00 | Introduction to Limiting Beliefs 0:36 | Build A Growth Mindset 3:40 | You Can Master Any Skill 6:49 | Challenge Your Belief System 12:10 | Only Believe What Moves You Forward 16:46 | Enjoy the Process Above Everything QUOTES: “It's not even necessarily that you have a limiting belief, it's that you're being honest with yourself about what you do and don't want to pursue.” [3:22] “The only thing that makes sense is to only do and believe that which moves you towards your goals.” [13:14] “You're so busy living in the past, that you forget that there's an entire future waiting for you. But you have to let go of the past before you can move forward.” [16:11] “I'm never where I “want to be”, but I don't trick myself into tying my value to achieving it.” [17:17] Follow Tom Bilyeu: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Attain Your Potential - Download the FREE Impact 90 Challenge Start Pack: Click here to download your FREE guide to 100x YOUR EFFICIENCY IN 10 EASY STEPS: Sponsors: Sign up for a one-dollar-per-month trial period at This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at and get on your way to being your best self. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit