The X-Wife Podcast: An Introduction to X-Men Comics

Justin and Alicia

For every X-Men fan who’s wanted to get their partner into the conversation and every friend or family member who just doesn’t want to read the comics, welcome to “The X-Wife Podcast.” Justin’s wife Alicia has never read an X-Men comic and she plans to keep it that way… for now! Join as they dive in, break down and question Jonathan Hickman’s new vision of Marvel’s merry mutants on Krakoa. House of X, Powers of X, and the Dawn of X all kick off a story that’s billed as a perfect jumping-on point for new readers, but with more than 50 years of continuity that overwrites and contradicts itself, can there ever be a seamless start? read less


Resurrection of Magneto #4, Wolverine #47, Ms Marvel #2 and Iron Man #17 PLUS MORE!
3d ago
Resurrection of Magneto #4, Wolverine #47, Ms Marvel #2 and Iron Man #17 PLUS MORE!
We took a page out of Magneto's book and recorded our way - which basically means a smash and grab catch up to plow through 7 (!?) books. A stack of four Fall of X books - I use that term loosely, Ms Marvel - as we highlight the fight from various standpoints. Magneto has entered the chat and Orchis doesn't know how to deal. The Wolverine and Sabretooth matchup meets a breaking point on two fronts for male and female users of the names. Ms. Marvel takes things to the EXTREME with Mojo and Lila in space. And good old Tony wrestling with his demons and trusting the enemy. Plus we do a full sweep of our X-tra X-Men books with '97, Weapon and Ultimate. New comics from April 10, we talk Resurrection of Magneto #4, Wolverine #47, Ms Marvel #2, Iron Man #17, Weapon X-Men #2, Ultimate X-Men #2, X-Men '97 #2 and X-Men Unlimited - PHEW! 01:56 News 07:27 Data is Beautiful 09:06 Personal News 10:11 Poll and General Questions 13:53 X-Men Unlimited 16:07 X-Men ’97 21:41 Ultimate X-Men 29:39 Weapon X-Men 41:22 Invincible Iron Man 49:52 Ms. Marvel Mutant Menace 56:33 Wolverine 1:05:36 Resurrection of Magneto Thanks for listening to our thirty seventh episode of Season 5! We've maybe stopped falling? There's some rise and resurrection happening, but it still doesn't look great. Fighting through? Like, subscribe, follow, email, and @ us all over the internet at thexwifepodcast. If you enjoyed the episode, leave us a review on Apple Podcasts and tell your friends!