Presidential Recordings


At least 6 U.S. presidents recorded conversations while in office. Now you can hear those conversations in this C-SPAN podcast. In the ten episodes of Season 1 hear secretly recorded conversations President Lyndon Johnson made on topics including the Warren Commission, the Vietnam War, the Voting Rights Act and more. Season 1: LBJ
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Ep. 10 Vietnam and the events of 1968
Ep. 10 Vietnam and the events of 1968Ep. 9 - Lady Bird JohnsonEp. 8 - The Voting Rights ActEp. 7- The March on SelmaEp. 6 - Medicare & MedicaidEp. 5 - Post 1964 ElectionEp. 4 - The Gulf of TonkinEp. 3 - The Civil Rights ActEp. 2 - Creation of the Warren CommissionEp. 1  What are The LBJ Tapes? with Marc Selverstone of The Miller Center at the University of VirginiaTrailer: Season 1 President Lyndon Johnson