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87. Aging Better
Sep 9 2023
87. Aging Better
This episode my guest covers aging with energy, less pain and great health is totally possible when you give your body what it needs to heal itself.Linda Kay Hill has been involved in the alternative wellness arena for 43 years with a focus on helping people achieve a much better level of health as they age. She is a Natural Therapies Certification Board (NTCB) Certified Quantum Biofeedback Instructor and Pro-aging Specialist.  She owns a 15-year-old NTCB accredited school, has trained and certified hundreds of biofeedback practitioners.  In her 21 years of being an expert in biofeedback, she has worked in many practitioners’ offices and owned 2 wellness centers in Illinois for over 15 years until her move back to Kansas City Missouri 6 years ago.Her focus for the past 6 years has been to support and educate others on cutting-edge technology, techniques, and self-help tools so a healthier way to age is possible for everyone.  A quote Linda often uses is, “There is so much out there that will support all of us age with more energy, less pain, less stress, and the ability to offset what we are predisposed to from our lineage.  We do not have to go down the same disease/illness path that our parents and grandparents did.  We now live in an age of miraculous technologies and therapies that can create adaptability, resilience, and a much healthier way to age.  It’s time to take the time to research those options and become the expert of your own body and health.”  Linda’s contact information is lindakhill19@gmail.com or 630-400-4277For more information on the Solex AOScan go to https://shop.solexnation.com/LindaHill/Home Contact info:Linda Hillwww.bioenergetics4u.com https://health2wealth.ca/