Village Church Q&A

Village Church of Bartlett

Join pastors and leaders at Village Church of Bartlett as they answer your questions about theology, the church, and today’s hot topics. No subject is off limits. You ask hard questions. We promise to answer them.

S2 E12 What if My Wife Wont Let Me Lead Spiritually?S2 E11 How Does the Bible Define Spiritual Leadership in the HomeS2 E10 What if My Husband Wont Lead Spiritually?S2 E9 How Do I Rebuild Trust With My Spouse?S2 E8 Is It Okay for a Christian to Be Angry at GodS2 E7 Are Christians Required to Attend Church?S2 E6 How Do I Disciple a New Believer?S2 E5 How Do I Authentically Forgive Someone?S2 E4 What Do Women Really Want?S2 E3 What Do Men Really Want?S2 E2 When Should I Allow My Kids To Watch PG-13 Movies?S2 E1 Is There A Way to Pornography Proof My Kids?S1 E50 Why Did Jesus Pick Judas Iscariot as one of the 12 Disciples?S1 E49 If Jesus Was a Peacemaker, Why Did He Flip the Tables Over?S1 E48 Should a Christian Attend a Homosexual Wedding?S1 E47 Should I Use Someone's Preferred Pronouns?S1 E46 Can a Christian Ever Sue Another Christian?S1 E45 Is Cosmetic Surgery or Fillers/Botox Sinful?S1 E44 How Should a Christian Handle Disappointment?S1 E43 Is Depression a Sin?