It's All About Energy

The Awareness Marketplace

Feb 27 2016 • 59 mins

1) Will describe on this show what it is like to view someone's aura as a clairvoyant - br Spiritual Hellos Positive And Negative Ones Seeing the relationship that a person's spirit has has in relationship to their body br 2)How we are feeling is a measure of how close and loving we are to our body br 3) we will listen to a couple of audio clips about how our surroundings affect our vibration and how our vibration attracts more of the same - example feeling happy and present in our bodies allows us to attract even more happiness and things that we want br 4) Meditation to help us raise our vibration br 5) Questions on air or via phone (time permitting) br 6) Mention of next week's show where we will be covering fears and doubts br 7) Words of wisdom -positive words we finds in music and literature which raise our vibration.