Regi Myrix and Lamar Kelsey - “If You Don’t Mind" Remix U.S. Premiere

BAAS Entertainment

Jul 16 2023 • 1 hr 3 mins

Episode 78. Host Troy Saunders has his latest conversation with two of the baddest brothers on the planet. Music producer Regi Myrix and singer/songwriter/engineer Lamar Kelsey are here to discuss their collaboration "Souladelica" EP and new single, “If You Don’t Mind,” which recently debuted at #2 on the UK Soul Breakers Chart.

Regi Myrix, CEO of Myrix Media Group, is a R&B and soul music producer and multi-instrumentalist. He has a lifetime love of music, beginning with local gigs in New Jersey, eventually becoming an in-demand producer with many artist production credits that have hit the charts in the United States and United Kingdom. Regi is making his return to the BAAS Entertainment Podcast, so go check out that episode for more of his music.

New Jersey-based Lamar “L-Unique” Kelsey started off as a rapper, making his mark as an R&B singer and highly sought-after vocal coach.

Myrix and Kelsey discuss their creative process and how all of the best music comes straight from the heart. Kelsey says that he always sings how he feels and he’s never reading anything when he’s in the studio recording, which comes across as real on the record.

“If You Don’t Mind” is a Nigel Lowis remixed track from their original 2012 collaboration on L-Unique’s album, “I Can’t Go On Like This”. Troy and Regi agree that is an amazing record that didn’t receive the promo it deserved back in the day. Troy plays clips from several tracks on that album, including “Step Song” and “Sex Me While I’m Driving,” which still sound amazing. Regi reveals that they may re-release other tracks from that album so they get the attention they deserve. The original album is available for streaming and is worth adding to your playlists.

Troy hadn’t been able to hear the remix of “If You Don’t Mind” since it isn’t available in the United States yet. Regi promised to send it to Troy as soon as the interview was over (and which Troy reminded Regi several times that he’s waiting for!) Regi came through and Troy played a clip of the U.S. premiere right on this episode! Listen for the official release of the full song in the U.S. in two weeks. Listeners in the United Kingdom can check it out now!

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