Helen Bruner and Terry Jones - GRAMMY-Nominated Producers, Songwriters, and Singers

BAAS Entertainment

May 19 2023 • 1 hr 43 mins

Episode 72. Host Troy Saunders interviews the GRAMMY-nominated producers and songwriters, plus amazing singers, Helen Bruner and Terry Jones. They have been in the business for over 30 years, entering the world singing as part of large talented musical families. They share with Troy the story of how they met and became lifelong sisters and collaborators, beginning with their first song “I Ain’t Got Time”. Troy surprises them by playing the track, which shows how their exceptional talent was there from the very beginning. If this track don’t make you move, nothing will!

Helen and Terry share stories of overcoming disappointment and failure in the music industry and the value of moving forward. It’s so important to understand both the creative side, as well as the business side, such as how publishing works.

One of the best stories of this episode is when they attended a Warner Brothers Music Grammy party and met the legendary Diana Ross. Ross took their hands and spent 20 minutes sharing pearls of wisdom about being Black women in the music industry that they still use today. “This is your name,” Ross told them. “When they’re gone, it’s still your brand and you need to protect it.”

Helen Bruner and Terry Jones have produced a number of critically acclaimed songs and albums. Their work spans many years, and they've collaborated with various well-known artists in the industry. They are especially known for their ability to blend soul, R&B, and dance music into a unique and catchy sound.

They were nominated at the 51st Annual GRAMMY Awards in 2008 with singer Linda Jones for their single "Baby I Know" for Best Traditional R&B Performance.

Their latest album is “2nd Overture,” and its lead single "I Can't Call It," which has been climbing charts around the world. It’s new, it’s fresh, it’s funky, it’s hot. Get it!

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