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The Rise of Video, Content Marketing Over Informercials, and The Next Trend in Podcasting
May 31 2022
The Rise of Video, Content Marketing Over Informercials, and The Next Trend in Podcasting
In this episode, Benji Block and Angela Chong talk about:  1 WATCHING PODCASTS SOARS AS YOUTUBE EDGES OUT SPOTIFY TO BECOME THE MOST USED U.S. PODCAST PLATFORM AND LISTENERS PREFER FUNNY AND ENTERTAINING ADS TO RATIONAL “FEATURE/BENEFIT” CREATIVE The are findings from Cumulus Media and Signal Hill Insights’ Podcast Download – Spring 2022 Report.Six in ten weekly podcast listeners say they prefer podcasts with videoWhen asked how they prefer listening to podcasts, 28% say they like a podcast video they actively watch while listening and 29% indicate they have the video in the background/minimized while listening. 43% say they use audio only with no video.Interest in a video experience is highest among Podcast Newcomers who started listening in the last yearHeavy podcast listeners and Podcast Pioneers, those who started listening four or more years ago, are more likely to favor the audio experience and show the least interest in video.2 Content Marketing Grows To $80 Billion. Podcasts Are Already Outpacing TV InfomercialsMotivated by a newfound priority to get their story out during the pandemic, ad spending on content marketing surged 26% since 2020 to $80 billion.Among those surveyed by Borrell, six percent said they used a podcast last year to promote their message. The same number expect to do so this year. That is three-times as many that expect to run infomercials on television.While brochures and flyers were the favored type of content marketing in 2021, informative videos, sponsored content/segments and seminars/workshops are expected to see the biggest increases this year.Borrell says the categories with the greatest propensity to use content marketing are finance & insurance, professional & business services, real estate, educational services, manufacturing, and information, media or advertising.The study also turned up evidence that businesses that engage in content marketing are more active advertisers and have a better handle on their media mix than non-content marketers. But they need help with content creation and distribution.B2B? If you are in content marketing try podcast ads!3 The next Trend in Podcasting? Scripted PodcastsJohan, Head of Content at Spotify, thinks there is a future in scripted podcastsThe title is a bit misleading... in that he says they still see most listens on typical interview, and documentary style shows."They're experimenting with and see potential in scripted podcasts""It's about the connection between the listener and the host"LISTENER QUESTION:What are some segments I can add to my podcast to spice it up?Roundtable DiscussionHelpful TipsChallenge or How-toGamesScripted