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Episode 13: Something's Fishy
Feb 25 2022
Episode 13: Something's Fishy
Things heat up at Hope’s Memorial as Jennie strengthens her relationship with Kurt. Meanwhile, Cartwright and Blue decide to take Kurt’s investigation into their own hands.   Season 1, Episode 13   β€” Content Warnings at the bottom of the description β€”   If you enjoyed this episode, please leave us a rating and review so that others can as well! It would be much appreciated πŸ™‚   [NOTE: SIRENS IN THIS SHOW MAY RESEMBLE ACTUAL SIRENS IF YOU LISTEN IN THE CAR. USE CAUTION WHILE LISTENING]   Transcripts –     Written by Courtney Archerd and Eve Gershon   Directed by Courtney Archerd   Ian Simmons as Kurt   Jake Needham as Dr. Cartwright   Nathan Zingg as Dr. Blue   Eve Gershon as Detective Crunch   Spencer Frankeberger as Dr. Terrier   Nicole Tchounga as Nurse Jennie   Kira Goldberg as Dr. Homely Sound Editing and Design by Courtney Archerd and Abby Little   Music by Ryan Lew   Graphic Design by Lucille Wright   FOLLOW US:   WEBSITE:     INSTAGRAM:     TWITTER:     TUMBLR:   CONTENT WARNINGS: Explicit LanguageGun Violence / Gun HandlingThreats of ViolenceSexual ContentHospitals/ComasSirens/Ambulances/Heart Monitors   Sound effects from aldebarancw, niwki, albertomarun, billyoftenwilliampalmer, trip2000, korgms2000, hja, daboy291, ultradust, yottasound, andyab, indigoray, tmcenaney, badeen, maajora, qubodup, williamjmey, horcasitas, nachtmahrtv, and previously credited users via