Black Panther Watch, Citizen Star Wars go too far, Solar Powered Cartier, Breitling's 2 dials - TWIW

Casual Watch Talk

May 13 2021 • 52 mins


Solar Powered Cartier, Citizen Star Wars watches go too far, Review surfaces of Black Panther Watch, Breitling go back to having two dials. We also discuss the Glycine that went to space and does the bell and ross cyber skull go too far

Chapter Markers

0:00 Headlines

2:40 Watch Obsessions

13:40 Rolex update - Sam inc Tudor

10:00 Hit or Miss

13:45 The Week in Watches

27:40 BR 01 Cyber Skull

29:45 Breitling UTC attachment

32:55 Citizen Ana-Digi Trench Run

36:05 Solar Powered Cartier

40:55 Glycine Airman in space, 1965

44:25 YouTube Vids Watch Eric

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