The Power of Unlearning

The Unscripted Podcast

Jun 9 2022 • 39 mins

Join us for today’s episode as we share our thoughts about The Power of Unlearning. Aida shares with us how she had to recently unlearn being busy. She discusses how as an Enneagram 3, she likes to be busy but after a conversation with her partner, she knew she had to learn how to replace ‘busy’ with ‘rest’. (Aida recommends listeners to listen to the series, Atlas of the Heart on HBO)

Erin had to unlearn an ‘overweight mentality’. She talks about the work she put into switching her thoughts to allow her to explore every thought around working out and eating right. Erin shares how she can feel good with her decisions because she was able to unlearn her rigid thoughts. Simone speaks about having to unlearn her perception of ‘healthy foods’ from when she was competing in fitness competitions. She shares about being in a new season of life and how we are constantly learning to adjust and move through life experiences.

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