How to find your passion by following your intuition - with Mareike Schoenig, transformational life coach

Change Work Life

Apr 13 2021 • 33 mins

#083 - Transformational life coach Mareike Schoenig explains how to listen to your own intuition and identify your passions.

What you'll learn

  • [1:11] What a transformational coach is.
  • [2:38] The types of people that Mareike works with.
  • [3:14] What Mareike did before becoming a coach.
  • [5:52] Why Mareike left her role in Singapore.
  • [8:00] What “using your intuition” really means.
  • [9:31] What it means to have a “clean” mind and the type of state it puts you in.
  • [11:38] The importance of regular mindfulness training.
  • [13:10] The difference between meditation and mindfulness.
  • [14:03] What to do if you feel stuck in a situation that isn’t making you happy.
  • [15:05] How to shift your mindset and how a coach can help with that.
  • [16:47] The importance of identifying your limiting beliefs and working to change them.
  • [17:48] The four pillars you need to be successful at changing your life.
  • [19:10] How you know when it’s the right time, or wrong time, to do something.
  • [22:05] The importance of balancing your intuition with the analytical side of your brain.
  • [26:41] The ways your childhood dreams can be a good indicator of your passions.
  • [28:53] The book ‘New Species’, a book about a world where people listen to their institutions.
  • [29:45] How to connect with Mareike.

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