Exit Plans, Premature Rallies and Frontline Heroes feat. Ben Hunt

The Breakdown

Apr 7 2020 • 36 mins

Epsilon Theory’s Ben Hunt joins for a follow up to our pre-lockdown Covid-19 conversation in early March. In the month since, the markets finally started to take Covid-19 seriously, elected officials stopped calling it just the flu, and big chunks of the world economy shut down.

Now, as markets rally on early evidence the curve may be flattening, the question is: is this premature?

In this episode, Ben & NLW discuss:

  • How the markets have moved from “denial” to “bargaining”
  • Why this rally has all the hallmarks of a type of bear market rally we’ve seen over the last month
  • Why the predictability of corporate bailouts doesn’t make them any less detestable
  • Why we should be buoyed by an explosion of ground-up, grassroots citizen action
  • How Frontline Heroes is creating a p2p PPE purchasing network that gets essential gear into the hands of health professionals without causing additional price pressure for state-led negotiations