#72: Michael Shinall on P2E, GameFi and Board Game NFTs

CryptoNews Podcast

Nov 8 2021 • 41 mins

Michael Shinall is the Design and Development Manager for CMON Inc, one of the largest and most successful board game companies in the world. Micheal also has over a decade of experience in the professional board game world, with a special focus on IP-related games.

In this conversation, we discuss:
- Moving from board games to NFTs
- Why CMON chose to build on FLOW blockchain
- How Play-To-Earn (P2E) is taking over gaming
- Second life in digital land
- OpenSea profile pic NFTs
- Moonsoon Digital partnership
- Daily routines and rituals of a game developer
- The future of GameFi

Website: cmon.com
Twitter: @CMONGames
Facebook: @coolminiornot
Instagram: @cmongames

Michael Shinall
Twitter: @MichaelShinall


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