What’s the difference between diversity and inclusion?

Here to Help

Feb 20 2023 • 44 mins

Born to Ghanaian parents in Canada, Yahan Mensah grew up in Calgary, Alberta. Upon graduating from University Yahan moved to Toronto with the dream of working in Broadcast Journalism. She achieved that dream and spent 3 and a half years working for Bell Media, which housed networks such as MTV Canada, MuchMusic, and eTalk News. Yahan joined Indeed in 2020 beginning in Client Success. She was able to find her next job at Indeed. In addition to her role as Associate UX Content Designer, Yahan is the regional Co-Chair of the Black Inclusion Group and advocates for her community by helping others find their footing in the tech world. Join us for a conversation about representation, resilience, bringing your true self to work, and the importance of community and connection when it comes to belonging.