Episode 31 – The Power of Rest and ‘Sound Sleeping’ – Featured Guest: LifeRhythms

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Oct 23 2018 • 19 mins

Welcome to Episode 31 of LifeRhythms Radio!

In this episode, Robert dedicates this episode to those who are seeking healthy rest, relation and reprieve.

Robert has a unique business that offers private healing sessions and designs personalized pieces of music to help his clients receive more of what is most desirable. He has found a way to 'reverse engineer' the Law of Attraction, helping many attract lives that are most desirable for themselves - and offering various modalities that help that help others receive healing, wellbeing, inspiration and so much more.

Robert provided powerful piece of music that is used for better rest and to help improve wellbeing. He originally created this piece of music because of someone in the healing world was experiencing insomnia. The intention was to create something that was soothing and relaxing. This piece of music was the end result! This piece was then inspired to make this piece public for purchasing and downloading - so with his permission, Robert was able to make this public! In fact, this piece of music was one of the highest downloaded piece of music from Roberts collection that is featured on Insight Timer!

You can listen versions of this on Insight Timer, YouTube and SoundCloud and actually purchase it on Bandcamp!

May this piece of music help you receive great rest, relaxation and reprieve!

For more information about LifeRhythms Radio, LifeRhythms and Robert Alexander, please contact Robert directly at liferhythmsradioshow@gmail.com. Also visit: www.liferhythms.us, or call / text Robert directly at 805-699-5298. He's looking forward to connecting with you!

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