What happens to all that stuff on America’s favorite antiques show once the cameras leave town? DETOURS reveals the stories, secrets, and surprises of TV treasures which go beyond the screen. Join host Adam Monahan, a longtime producer with GBH’s Antiques Roadshow on a journey of discovery from behind the scenes of the hit PBS series. Each episode tells the deeper story of one object, amazing and amusing listeners along the way. From GBH and PRX.

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Our Editor's Take

The Detours podcast provides context and updates on fascinating finds from Antiques Roadshow. Listeners learn where the collectibles are now and whether their value has changed. Host Adam Monahan also details the most contested antiques from unaired episodes. Monahan is the creator and producer of this series and one of the producers of Antiques Roadshow. He reminisces about popular items and shares updates every other Sunday.

In the second episode of the Detours podcast, Monahan describes the antique that was the hardest to verify. It was so complicated that they didn't air the Antiques Roadshow episode it was in that season. A guest brought a flag presumed to be from patrol torpedo boat PT-109. John F. Kennedy was a commander of that boat before his presidency. Japan bombed PT-109, and Kennedy helped rescue the crew. Proving the flag flew on PT-109 was challenging. Appraisals ranged from $400,000 to national treasure level. After a laborious process, Monahan had an ingenious idea. He asked a chemistry professor if the flag might contain lead. Fuel at that time included lead that wasn't water soluble. If the flag landed in the ocean after the explosion, it might have absorbed lead. Listeners learn not one but two surprising outcomes of the lead test.

Another podcast episode features an appraisal error that became a national news story. A handmade jug with six faces received a $30,000 to $50,000 valuation on Antiques Roadshow. It appeared to be more than 100 years old and similar to Pablo Picasso's art. But a viewer emailed the show to announce that she made it in her high school art class in the 1970s. Listeners discover how the value changed after the publicity.

Detours podcast listeners learn whether a Barbie doll appraised in a 2016 episode changed value after the 2023 Barbie movie. They also hear about the strangest appraisal requests. One pastor asked the appraisers to analyze his ghost. That letter hangs on the show's refrigerator. Another incentive to listen to this podcast: Some of the appraised items are for sale. New episodes of the show debut every few weeks.

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