#103 - "F**k Lazy People, All of em", (Aug 07, 2020), IG&Twitter:@BenjaWelldone

Benja Welldone Comedy Show

Aug 8 2020 • 8 mins

This the .MP3 Audio episode #103, of my YouTube Channel:  Benja Welldone Comedy, playlist, "Waiting For The World",// To see my Stand-Up Comedy/Docu-Vlog, Go To my YouTube Channel: “Benja Welldone Comedy”.

This show Will Display My RISE in Comedy, Writing & Acting. To Follow my Path, Add me & I'll add you Back, (Instagram/Twitter): @BenjaWelldone // FB: Benja Welldone //

Hi Everyone, I'm Benja (short for Benjamin) Welldone.  Army Veteran & now Soldier of Comedy** (Stand-up Comedy).  I'm an Army veteran, college graduate, husband, world traveled & full-time worker so I have life experience but this is bigger than me, it's about my passions; Comedy 1st and Above All. If you have ANY life questions and want a funny response, just e-mail me then Once a week I will pick the best questions, answer them in the worst possible way to make light of a possible negative situation, followed by a real legit answer.

Have a great life and I hope to get to know you all personally. Seriously, I do. - Benja Welldone, iNSTA: @BenjaWelldone Facebook: Benja Welldone/ E-mail: BenjaWelldone@Gmail.com