7 Rules to Grow Your Brand - Byron Sharp's How Brands Grow (MONDAY MOTIVATION)

Stick With It: From Becoming to Being

Aug 2 2020 • 29 mins

For today's Monday Motivation episode of Grow Your Brand we're talking about what mental and physical availability involve and about marketing scientist Prof Byron Sharp and his 7 rules for brand growth.

We also do a quick recap on the 5 brand pillars we discussed back in earlier episodes and about what you can do this week to grow your brand.

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Byron Sharp’s 7 rules for brand growth are:

1) Continuously reach all buyers of the category with physical distribution and marketing communications.

2) Ensure the brand is easy buy - think about your customers and how what you do or your product fits in with their life

3) Get noticed - be distinct and salient, grab attention and hook your target audience in

4) Refresh and build-linked memory structures - build on existing concepts and use language your audience will understand

5) Create distinctive communication assets - use consistent sensory cues that are distinctly yours and stands out to your target audience.

6) Be consistent yet fresh and interesting - make sure your content looks like it’s from your brand and keep pumping out relevant and diverse content

7) Stay competitive and don’t give people reasons not to buy - keep the brand easy to buy and avoid targeting a particular group, discounting or overpricing unnecessarily.

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